Tiny city 2 opening ceremony

On November 26, 2019, the tini city 2 was inaugurated in the presence of the equipment partners, and the Energy / Climate Deptartement of the Ministry of the Environment.


The first part consisted of several speeches and presentations, then demonstrations and presentations took place on the site.


Amphi party


  • DGEC (Olivier David)
  • IFSTTAR Management (Hélène Jacquot-Guimbal)
  • Sense-city strategic equipment (F. Bourquin)
  • Sense-city in figures and images (A. Ruas)
  • Perspectives (T. Fragnet)
  • Refreshing benches to fight against heat waves, Elioth
  • Depolluting road functionalized by ZnO nanostructure.  Y Leprince, UPEM
  • From solar panel to water panel for water collection and purification, T. Bourouina, ESIEE
  • Model and measurement for a targeted thermal diagnosis of the building, J. Waeytens, Ifsttar
  • Radar experiment for the detection / localization of buried networks in Sense-City, X. Derobert, Ifsttar


On the site


  • Measurement and simulation for monitoring air pollution, R. Chakir, Ifsttar-COSYS-LISIS
  • Depolluting road functionalized by ZnO nanostructures, Y. Leprince, ESYCOM-UPEM
  • Ubiquitous spectral microsensor for the analysis of gases and air quality, T. Bourouina, ESYCOM-ESIEE
  • Multiplexed nanosensors for water analysis, G. Zucchi, E. Grinenval, B. Lebental, LPICM (École Polytechnique and CNRS), Ifsttar-COSYS-LISIS
  • Stabilized and reinforced raw earth construction: durability and performance, M. Duc, Ifsttar-Gers-SRO
  • Bise: Bio-based In-Situ Experimentation, Experimentation on a building in bio materials, S. Marceau, Ifsttar-Mast-CPDM
  • E-birdy, The plug and play microgrid platform for system reliability and interoperability testing, L. Galai-Dol, Efficacity, É. Dimnet, Ifsttar-COYS-LISIS
  • Thermal diagnosis of a building, J. Waeytens, Ifsttar-Cosys-LISIS
  • Study of the interactions between thermal geostructures within water flow, J. De Sauvage, Ifsttar-Gers-SRO
  • Radar experiment for the detection / localization of buried networks, X. Derobert, Ifsttar-Gers-GeoEND
  • Sustainable urban rainwater management: water garden and rain trees, M.-C. Gromaire, M. Seidle, ENPC-Leesu
  • Statistical learning for the detection and characterization of indoor activities, A. Same, Ifsttar-Cosys-Grettia