The Sense-City Consortium presents its First Communicating City

March 23, 2015, at IFSTTAR Bienvenue, Cité Descartes

The Sense-City project is a laboratory for sustainable cities, and is part of the plan's objectives for energy transition launched in 2014. Sense-city is funded under the future investment plan. Using realistic situations, it helps to explore the concept of the “sensitive” city, able to constantly self-diagnose to become less costly from the energy standpoint, environmentally cleaner, and safer in terms of sanitation.

The scientific and societal challenges of the concept will be presented on Monday, March 23 at Espace Bienvenüe, Cité Descartes, as part of a scientific seminar. Following this presentation, the Sense-City consortium will unveil its first communicating urban scenario: a 250m² “mini-city” dedicated to tomorrow's housing and smart roads.


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