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Registration to the 26.11.2019 event

New perspectives

The event takes place at Cité Descartes. It is free of charge, but registration is compulsory given the limited places available: click here

Preliminary program:


Caquot Amphitheater from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

13h30-14h30: Introductory speech

  • DGEC (Olivier David)
  • Direction of IFSTTAR (Hélène Jacquot-Guimbal)
  • Sense-city a strategic equipment (F. Bourquin) 
  • Sense-city in figures and pictures (A. Ruas)
  • Perspectives (T. Fragnet)

14h30-15h30 Some experiments

  • Refreshing benches to fight heatwaves, Elioth
  • ZNO nanostructures functionalized depolluting route, Y. Leprince, UPEM
  • From the solar panel to the water panel for the collection and purification of water, T. Bourouina, ESIEE
  • Model and measurement for a targeted thermal diagnosis of the building, J. Waeytens, Ifsttar
  • Radar experimentation for the detection / location of buried networks of Sense-City, X. Derobert, Ifsttar

On site from 3:45 pm to 6 pm

  • Measurement and simulation for the monitoring of air pollution (R. Chakir, IFSTTAR)
  • ZnO Nanostructures Functionalised Remediation Route (Y. Leprince, UPEM)
  • Ubiquitous spectral micro-sensor for gas analysis and air quality (T. Bourouina, ESIEE)
  • Multiplexed nanosensors for water analysis (G. Zucchi, E. Grinenval, B. Lebental, LPICM (Ecole Polytechnique & CNRS) - IFSTTAR)
  • Stabilized and reinforced raw clay construction: durability and performance (M. Duc, IFSTTAR-GERS)
  • Bise: Bio-based In-Situ Experimentation (S. Marceau, IFSTTAR-MAST)
  • E-birdy, the plug and play microgrid platform for reliability and interoperability testing of systems (L. Galai Dol, EFFICACITY; E. Dimnet, IFSTTAR-COSYS))
  • Thermal diagnosis of a building (J. Waeytens, IFSTTAR-COSYS)
  • Study of the interactions between thermal geostructures within water flow (J. De Sauvage, IFSTTAR-GERS)
  • Radar experimentation for the detection / location of buried networks (X. Derobert IFSTTAR-GERS)
  • Sustainable management of urbain rain water: Rain Garden and Rain Trees (M.-C. Gromaire, M. Seidl, ENPC-Leesu) 
  • Statistical learning for detection and characterization of indoor activities (A. Same, IFSTTAR-COSYS)

5 pm to 6 pm Cocktail